Saturday, July 21, 2012

Pink Beauty - Happy Pink Saturday!

1950's Pink Tulle Dress

My latest vintage find.  Isn't she a beauty!
I LOVE the little pink millinery flowers!  
It has a gathered shelf bust and a waterfall ruffle off the hip.
It has a built in "shoulder wrap" that is connected on one side with tiny little snaps.  Maybe wrap it around the neck and let it hang down the back?  
Very elegant.
Although perfect the way she is.....  I  made a pink tulle rose and added it just above the waterfall ruffle.  It was the perfect touch.  You can see the before and after. 

Hope everyone is having a great weekend 
staying COOL!


janice15 said...

Just too sweet, such a pretty pink dress.. Happy Saturday..with love Janice

eJoops said...

So pretty and delightful. Visiting from Pink Saturday.

Pink Slushy Magic, come and see.

LV said...

Very pretty. I never had anything remotely compared to that beauty.

Rhissanna said...

Oh, what a lovely frothy confection. Like a cup-cake of a dress. And that rose really make it, what a lovely touch.

jeanetteann said...

Oh so pretty and romantic. I saw one similar the other day and thought,now if I get it, what will I do with it. Now seeing yours I'm sure I should have brought it home and found somewhere. Maybe my sewing room which I fill with all the things I love. I now have to remember which shop I saw it in. I visit so many in my week. xoo

lambs and ivy designs said...

Ohhh..very sweet!! You find the most beautiful items!!

Have a happy weekend


Curtains in My Tree said...

That is a fabulous pink dress just like back in the day 1964 when I was in high school
I never had a dress like that but wanted one for prom



Lisa Marie, High Tea for Alice said...

WOW--she is a true beauty indeed! She actually reminds me of my own prom dress, believe it or not, which was in 1991. They were still making some classic styles then... I don't think you'd ever catch a department store stocking something like this for Juniors now! Too bad... She is a real find... enjoy!