Thursday, June 28, 2012

An Angel in my Garden ~ Cottage Garden Party

An Angel in my Garden

I love my gardens! 
I love to garden and find it very relaxing.  I go outside at the crack of dawn and walk around....  the dew still on the grass in the cool of the early morning. 
I have the most wonderful hubby!  He is my hero.
Together we are a great team and have created a very lovely home.
Although he doesn't enjoy gardening as much as I do (planting, pruning & pulling weeds) he is obsessed with the grass.  He keeps our lawn like a golf course.  
We have an area under a big tree in our front yard where the grass doesn't thrive like it should.  It gives my hubby fits.  So.... I decided to landscape it.  I sent my husband to Home Depot for decorative rock and he not only comes back with what he went for..... but, he came home baring gifts!
A Birdbath and a Garden Angel!
It was the perfect size for the small area I had to work with.
I planted a sea of ivy under the big tree then placed a weathered bench and a lovely garden statue under it. 
Happy gardening!

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janice15 said...

I love it all, the angel the girl reading the book...and the pots and just everything...I'm a garden girl too...I love it early morning as well and late afternoon...just before the sun is disappearing...You garden looks so sweet and tiddy just the way I like it...I rent a flat and have been working on the garden for almost two years now...I just need some grass and bricks and I will be done...sadly the owner doesn't help...though he is putting up a gate so the upstairs people that let there children throw my rocks and tear my plants won't be able to go inside no longer...that's a big blessing for me...have a most lovely afternoon. with love Janice

lambs and ivy designs said...

Thank you for your visit and sweet comments!! know, one pair of those shoes is actually for display!

What a nice husband you have!!! He is not only great at yard work but he is a great shopper too...I think I'd keep him!! LOL

Have a wonderful day,

Grandma Barb's This and That said...

Very pretty, I love the bench and all the ivy.

NanaDiana said...

It looks just gorgeous. He did good on his trip to HD!!! Love the birdbath and statue. How sweet is that! MyHero does NOT like any gardening work at all either- xo Diana

Fishtail Cottage said...

Awe ~ what a sweet man you the angel in the garden and that birdbath is perfect! thanks so much for linking up to Fishtail Cottage's Garden party this week! xoxo, tracie