Sunday, June 24, 2012

Pink Lace & Velvet Posies ~ 1930's Charm

1930's Pink Lace Dress
Velvet Posies

I am fasinated with the 1920's, 30's and 40's.  A time when things were grand and elegant.
I love the beautiful dresses, millinery hats and costume jewelry from this era.
I've been collecting these lovely dresses for several years.  
I love them all..... but, try to stay within a pastel shabby chic pallet.  
I am, of course, drawn to the pink ones.... but, do have several creamy white, mint green,
pale blue and soft lavendar ones, too.
I recently picked up this beauty at my favorite antiques shop "The White Rabbit".
It is made of pink lace with a pink satin lining. 
I just love the neckline!  How it drapes over the shoulders and is accented with 
the sweetest pink velvet posies.
I imagine the lady that wore this dress..... happily walking along..... on a bright sunny day.....
wearing a big pink hat!
and.... I only wish I could be there, too.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend.


sissie said...

This is the loveliest dress. Isn't it wonderful to find something so beautiful from so long ago. You can't help but wonder who wore that pretty thing.


Rhissanna said...

The pink velvet roses are just wonderful and yes, the draped collar would be very flattering. Do you ever wear any of these?

Linda Carole Bloom said...

Love it! Can you imagine a midsummer evening party?? The lady who owned this took such good care of it - beautiful. (Love the black lace socks on your sidebar too!)