Monday, January 25, 2016

Vintage Hat Boxes ~ Pretty Storage

"Garland Of Old Fashioned Roses" Box

"Love's Old Sweet Song" Ballet Box

"Wedding Of The Fairies" Box  

Wallpaper Roses Box

This post is all about pretty storage.
Every year when the Christmas season is over and all the decorations have been taken down and put away......  I begin my "spring" cleaning.  
I have to be organized in order to function.  A place for everything and everything in it's place.
I like "pretty" storage vs your average plastic storage box.  I was online looking for pretty storage solutions and of course....  the ones I like were really expensive.  Not wanting to spend that kind of money on "storage" I decided to make my own.
I went to a sale a few months ago and purchased a random bunch of old hat boxes.  Perfect for storage.  I wanted a cohesive look so I decided to alter them using paint and decoupage.  I painted the outside and lid of each box using left over craft paint......  then decoupaged the inside (box and lid).  I used antique sheet music, vintage wall paper, lace and ephemera.  I hand stamped the ballerina and ballet shoes.
They are perfect to store my collection of vintage ballet shoes and costumes.
This is my first set.  I've become obsessed.  I'm working on the other hat boxes and decided to do some shoe boxes and jars, too. 

Keeping everyone effected by the winter storm in my prayers.
Have a great week!

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R's Rue said...


Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage said...

I too love hat boxes for storage. Yours are so pretty all decoupaged and painted. You did a lovely job of them, Liz. Thank you for sharing with us and enjoy your day.


Alessandra said...

You did a great job! Your decoupage is fairy. The hat boxes turned out such romantic! The shoes are just gorgeous!!!

Unknown said...
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สวยพี่สวย said...

Your garden is beutiful and so is your bog. Are you still blogging.


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